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Hi everyone,

My name is Putra Anggara, and Welcome to my personal blog!

All of these writings are intended to only express my thought regarding any issues, literally anything, that I have been interested to talk about. From sharing a fun daily lifestyle, to a heavy Kieso’s Consolidation Theory.

Why write?

In my humble opinion, writing is like a therapy. Every weekend, I started a day with tea, and writing. After the busy Monday to Friday, 5 am-10 pm daily routine, get rushed with KRL Commuter Line, tight deadline in posting and uploading homework, I feel fresh in writing. I feel fresh because it has loaded my thought to a piece of writing.

Writing can accommodate my deep thought, and sound my voice even louder regardless other’s reaction over my perspective, I can feel freedom to speak indeed.

When i write, I will read. Discussing the hottest issues require me to read. Reading from countless sources will expand my perspective. I learn new things, and new knowledge that I never have had it before. By the end, writing is like a never-ending learning process.

Writing teach me how to be responsible. I am aware that those issues has to be supported by fact. So i need to deal with Diagram, percentage, and number. I am responsible of my own words because I do not want to talk about fictitious event unless I am liar, and I am not liar.

Writing means to get acquainted with readers, and for me readers are new friends (which I love having new friends!). When I disclose my current activities through writing, it means that involving them to my experience.

Lastly, Writing will keep memories. Every single moment written on a piece of paper will define the spirit, stories, and feeling that could not be described by images. So keeping those stories will then refresh previous moment someday in the future.

Anyway, I am not a good writer, so I try a kick!

I hope everyone reading this blog enjoy & looking forward to receive your comments!

The more I write, the more I read.