Hi Everyone!

My name is Putra Anggara, but most of friends call me Putra or Agha. I am the second child of my family and I am currently reside in Bogor now.

To describe my self in a summary, I will show you my #20factsaboutme :

  1. I own 6 cats, and I named it all. Mas gubil (the eldest one), jabrik, lehboy, jembil, and gadis 1, gadis 2 (two woman cat are twin!).
  2. I am an acrophobia boy
  3. I love dessert, chocolate, and all sweet cookies.
  4. I speak France fluently (when I was 8 years old)
  5. I majored in tourism in vocational high school, changed into finance and banking in diploma degree, and changed into accounting in bachelor degree
  6. I am not A smoker and will never forever in my life.
  7. My favorite sport is actually jogging because it is easy, and affordable (which you don’t need extra equipment, and you can do it by your self)
  8. I will hold pee until I finish everything in front of me.
  9. I am dreaming to become Chef
  10. I only have 1 girlfriends in junior school

Also, I am telling stories through lensĀ here.