Hi Everyone!

My name is Putra Anggara. To describe my self in a summary, I will show you my #20factsaboutme :

  1. I am an optimistic, enthusiastic, and positive one but I am a worst-case-scenario kind of person.
  2. I own 6 cats, and I named them all.
  3. In love with all kind of dessert, chocolate, and sweet cookies.
  4. Never smoke.
  5. My favorite sport is jogging, and football.
  6. I love cloudy days and cool weather.
  7. I am dreaming to become Chef, and Lawyer, and Architect.
  8. I have 1 girlfriend in junior school, no girl friend in high school, and 1 in uni.
  9. Right-handed and always think that being left-handed is cool.
  10. Avoid as many confronted problem black hole as possible.
  11. I’d sleep with the lamp turning on.
  12. I can’t read while listen to the music.
  13. Favorite music : pop, and jazz.
  14. I would rather to eat foods that contain hot soup not that heavy sambel kacang.
  15. I am the second child of my family and I am currently reside in Bogor now. 
  16. I am the one who start the conversation which explain why I am easy to adapt to new environment, and new people.
  17. In love with blue color! You will find most of my stuff in a blue-colored although I also have different color to mix and match with other suitable suit.
  18. In Architecture, I am Scandinavian style. Compact, clean, simple, woods, neutral, warm (apartment goals!)
  19. Collecting Mc’Donald’s happy meals tools, yes for sure.
  20. Learning french. Its language, culture, foods, l’creme d l’creme. 

I hope everyone engaging with me find this post is useful, and have a nice reading ahead!