Komunitas Jago Akuntansi Indonesia. I am proud alumni!


Today, the photo above was occured on my Facebook’s flashback memories. And I still remembered when 3 years ago Bang Fadly –co founder of KJAI- gave me an offer to join to this relatively new community (that turns out becoming the BIGGEST Accounting Community in Indonesia). He told me that he envisioned so high because no organisation alike was exist.

Fadly : Agha, I am currently building Komunitas Jago Akuntansi Indonesia. You’ve got talent, you are Mapres, and I believe you will become great team of us.

Me : Mmm what is Komunitas Jago Akuntansi Indonesia, bang? It sounds cool community!

At first, I honestly thought that it would not be beneficial of joining such new community. The prevailing organization that I knew is that an organization under the formal umbrella at university or school such as UKM Mahasiswa, BEM, or Himpunan Mahasiswa, So the existence of -non formal- community at that time was considered as an ‘additional activities’ you may (or may not) do. Would it be important of having activities outside the office? Considering the fact that I was a fresh graduate. And Working on public accounting firm require high and intense office-hours. The first job that I took was indeed challenging. Could I balance it?

There were many considerations that came into my minds whether to join or not. However, the next conversation changed my perspectives.

Fadly : In our community, you will be exposed to various roles, get new friends from different universities, broaden your network, and learn a lot about accounting that never been taught in classroom. We also have tight relations with Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia and other reputable professional bodies which would expand your network! We are aiming so high!

Since that talk ever, I knew that I never regret any decision to be a part of Komunitas Jago Akuntansi Indonesia.

A bit about the community it self, the KJAI is an education-based community that aim to gather all of accounting students and alumnae. Our motto is “Learning, Sharing, and Inspiring! If you want to become the member, there were selection process. Not everyone can join. Our main activities basically is tweeting the accounting subject that range from Financial Accounting, Tax, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Syariah Accounting, Sector Public Accounting, etc on daily basis.

We are divided based on region, and as for me, since I studied in Depok, I was grouped with KJAI Chapter West Java. This include students from of UI, Sampoerna School of Business, STIE Tazkia, to a name few.

The journey began when we were about to launch the account of @JagoAkuntansi in Twitter.  I still remembered when we cherished the moment as we reached 1,000 followers! (Now, we’ve got 12,000 follower, organically). Our existence has broaden into website, Facebook, Instagram, twitter.

Our next stint that also very challenging was Musyawarah Nasional (National Gathering). The Founder wanted us to also engage in ‘real-life’ so we initiated the “National Gathering’ which would later become the annual meeting of all member. The first National Gathering was conducted in Jakarta and yess for the first time ever, I met the friends I could only chat via twitter. I am uber excited! 80 students from all over Indonesia gathered in Jakarta to create vision, mission, and to start the dream.

Our first meeting was a blush. They showed enthusiasm, passion, and positive vibes. I could channel it at our first sight and thought if I would fit in again with another group of people.

The First KJAI’s national gathering was attended by amazing figure also. We’ve got Bu Ersa Tri Wahyuni, Bu Elly, Pak Edward, and many more. The full one day sharing itself was conducted in IAI head office in Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.

We passed the first year with outstanding achievement. We successfully increased the followers, conducted charity activity, taught in elementary school, and many more. When we were approaching the second year, the founder also asked us to conduct the SECOND Musyawarah Nasional and the selected organizing committee was KJAI Chapter Jabar! (Which is my region’s turn).

After long discussion, we selected Bandung as hosting city because it offers a very interesting point to visit. The project officers, Gara, asked me to become the Program Coordinator since I was also involved in overall activities back in the 1st Munas in Jakarta.

Second Munas this year was completely different. I proposed new program so that the participant could be more engaging. There were amazing race, cultural night, seminar, talk show, and stimulating session.

Our hard work really paid of. And I am thankful that I have amazing time from KJAI Chapter Jawa Barat! It was attended from students from 20 different Universities across Indonesia.

Bravo to KJAI Jabar Team :

Gara, Via, Lolly, Ayu, Vini, Uphil, Erdzy, Salsa, Cory. Thank you for your help guys!

The snapshot of second Munas can be found below :

To be a part of KJAI Family was indeed blessing. The first generation and most of us already graduated and have landed to our dream job. They joint Big Four Accounting Firm, Prestigious Ministry, OJK, and BI, Multinational Company, and some of them are pursuing Master degree as well. I am still contacting with them and it is indeed the real network I have cultivated since I am still young.

To become the 1st generation of KJAI, simply reminded that being a part of this community has helped me to assure what I want to do for the future career, Accounting. I will fight for my future, like anyone else. If those people can make it happen, why can’t I?

The KJAI is now a growing community. They have created new interesting program that is very useful for us accounting people. Go check to their twitter @JagoAkuntansi for the update!

Thank you KJAI for the opportunity! I am proud alumni!


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