What is Whopper Burger, Google?

Anyone with Google-voice control device, go try this phrase :

OK Google, what is whopper burger?

See the result and trust me you will be surprised!

I did this on my android just to know what Google has to offer. If we are seeing the same content, then you will soon know that the fast food chain Burger King is just unveiling genius, infuriating, hilarious and maybe poor thought-out ad strategy that is intentionally designated to lead the user of Google homes and android phones to its ad. The marketing tactics, though, raised questions if they are too invasive.

The Burger King, in its 15 seconds U.S Television ads, featured someone holding up sandwich and telling us that the 15 seconds will NOT be enough to explain all the fresh ingredients in the Whopper sandwich but he got an idea : OK Google, what is the whopper burger?


For me, It is interesting to know that The Burger King is taking an advantage to do something hilarious with the emerging technology of intelligent personal assistant devices. They successfully grabbed people’s attention through the usage of technology. Furthermore, this 15 seconds ads will start airing nationally in most of prime time slots across the U.S. which will expand the marketing promotion activities as well.

However, there is a risk behind of this marketing effort which is a battle on a second front — Wikipedia. As we have known that most of Google’s source of information came from Wikipedia web which everyone can literally edit it. It looks like Burger King went and edited the Whopper entry ahead of this ad being run.

For almost a decade, Wikipedia’s page for the Whopper began with more or less the same sentence: “The Whopper sandwich is the signature hamburger product sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain Burger King and its Australian franchise Hungry Jack’s.

But now, it changed into : The Whopper is a burger, consisting of a flame-grilled patty made with 100 percent beef with no preservatives or fillers, topped with sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise, served on a sesame-seed bun.” That certainly sounds like ad copy.

How if someone edited into this version : whopper consists of a half-medium child hands. Or: whopper is 100% contained rats, and clippings! Or whopper is the worst burger product ever sold by the international fast-food chain.

Through this end, The Burger King should watch the vandalism of word by securing the Wikipedia web out of over promotional word from irresponsible person. The BK should not only rely on this devices, but also be followed by a set of strategic social media activities like in twitter, Facebook, etc. in order to prevent the dissenting information from the customer, consumer, and buyers.

The Burger King, however, wasn’t the first to use the voice devices in marketing activities. Google was involved in creating ads for the film of Beauty and The Beast.

Now, after I did my own search on ‘OK Google’ devices, I was lead into BK’s menu which eventually made me order Burger King because it looks so delicious seeing the picture of big big whopper on it.

What a marketing-strategy hacks! Burger king nailed it.


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