The 59th Session of Harvard National Model United Session


I opened my laptop to do another homework, but I accidentally found this letter acceptance from Harvard University offering my team to join the most prestigious, and oldest model united nation competition in the world, Harvard National Model United Nations back then in 2012.

This reminded me again, that hard work never betray. Even though we did not fly to States due to lack of financial support that hampered us, at least we have tried and perform the best we can do. To take risk, pain, and make hard effort to achieve the goals. Because I always believe that process are matter, important, and valued.

We designed our own sponsorship proposal, and have sent it to hundreds of potential company but none of them responded it :(. We used our own money to register the competition (It was Rp 750,000 per person times 5 people within 1 team), we went to Jakarta to get the support from the ministry. We have made effort. We fight, argued a lot if we can make it to secure the grants even until the day minus 1 when other team from other University have already landed in United States 3 days prior the event.


Dear wawa, ade, deny, andrew, and Tri. I am apologize if I could not be the best leader. Apologize because I could not bring you guys to the states. I might not be a good leader, but thank you to always be there, side by my side in the hardest time, and the most difficult time. Thank you for all of things you have contributed, time and money. I am so blessed to have a team like you guys.

This acceptance letter is a prove that our hard work never betray, that even if we did not fly until the moon, we drop at the middle of the star.






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