STOCK TAKE: More Than Just Counting

One of my responsibilities as being an accountant is to conduct Physical Examination over the inventories.

Every 1st of the month, I will be going to our warehouse based in Taman Tekno Tangerang to conduct stock opname (or stock take) of inventories’ movement of the previous month. It was just another STO day since the last month when we were also doing the same full-counting method. Yet I was so tired this morning because night before I was staying quite late at office to prepare the payroll along with my supervisor. However I need to survive today because 4 Warehouses are waiting for me.

I arrived at around 9 o’clock in Tangerang. While got hurry to prepare my common STO equipment, then one of the warehouseman told me that He wasn’t ready to do a stock take because there is still another pick up schedule from customer.

I was wondering, why are we still allowing customer to pick the order? The order shall close at every 25 of month. The order received after 25th would be recognized for March’s sales. The 5 days of gap will then allow us to prepare inventories report including today’s STO schedule.

I directly asked to Warehouse Manager, and he subsequently answered: Well, some customer decided not to take all of pick up at the 25 because of several circumstances. We have closed all the order, but we just put separately inventories that ‘shall be taken’ on different area.

Ok, Sir! (I thought it made sense).I started to count the 1st WH located 2 blocks away from Main Warehouse.

What I basically do is to make sure that the number on inventory stock card is equal with the physical number I have just counted and compare it with list from SAP System. But of course, counting inventories in a company whose products are so vary could VERY CHALLENING because different product might be in form of different number, and different packaging.

We are applying the FIFO method, so that I need to check out the batch number as well. I need to carefully examine whether the product that was sold earlier are the one who came earlier as well. Aside of that, I also need to do a ‘manual conversion’ since the list on SAP are all stated on ‘pack’, while the ACTUAL NUMBER could be stated in pieces, or carton, or gross, or even vial depending on the product movement itself.

After making sure that the physical number, inventory stock card, and SAP list are all tied in. I can conclude that everything is just fine.

Even though the actual inventory numbers are sometimes either higher, or lower from one another product, I have successfully identified and helped the WH man on knowing the cause of the differences. What I consider the most challenging task is that: I need to work with a person who is elder than me. And saying he has done any miscount is NOT an easy things. Secondly, the situation in Warehouse that makes other accountant is not willing to go. Let me just tell quickly: Warehouse does not have AC, it was so full of dust, hot and dark that makes them don’t want to deal with it.

However, amidst the entire situations that might hampered me, I am so thankful by having this opportunity: to interact with other people, and to deal with challenges. I have the opportunity to SEE directly the Supply chain main activity which has increased my knowledge other than just counting inventory in a piece of paper. I am always excited by the time I enter and stand in front of the gate of BIG BIG warehouse. I see the whole carton columned and lined orderly which makes me so excited in doing stock opname.

I learn how to work very fast, quick, and correct because we are counting like one per one for sure amidst the very limited time we had. I can see and touch directly the product the company will sell in unpacked form.

Moreover, I will have a free lunch in a fancy and famous seafood Restaurant in BSD plus free a cup of Javachip Frappucino in my favorite Starbucks corner during the lunch time because my boss will pay it all.

So if someone asked me why would I want to wake up earlier and going so far to Tangerang and will be exposed by dust and sweat, I would definitely say because I am not just counting. I am more than doing nothing.


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